What a day

Exhausted. It was about 2.5 hours of waiting on the south Lawn of the White House and it was icky, sticky, and hot but when Mr. President finally came out and spoke, it was all worth it. I was an arm’s length away from him but didn’t get to shake his hand. I did get to yell so he could hear and see me and when I waved, he waved back. Ok, for some of us – that’s a real thrill.

We witnessed him signing another piece of landmark legislation this time focussed on both employment of the disabled and, my favorite, web accessibility for the disabled.

In the morning, I hung out at a senate shindig for the anniversary of the ADA. Couple of very young interns for Tom Harkin sat next to me and I gave them a tour of the iPad.

I got a bunch of photos which I’ll post as soon as my phone is charged. I just about ran out of battery power waiting on the South lawn for so long.

Remarkable people all around me today – people who made history in their pushing for accessbility and then some for all human beings. Everywhere I looked and every conversation I eavesdropped upon – it was some big cheese or legend in the history of disability rights reminiscing or talking about their experience.

Will have to sort it all out tomorrow. Am exhausted and running out of battery power. I have no internet access in my hotel room (well, it’s around $13 a day – I’m already over the top re spending in this incredibly expensive but lovely city).

To be continued tomorrow.


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