The Rollercoaster Has Already Taken Off

So at the last minute – around 7pm Wednesday, I learn that a previously scheduled White House Tour has gone awry. Apparently the young aide who scheduled it failed to… wait for it… press the SUBMIT button in the software they use to arrange for such stuff… and, I’m told, the secret service requires a full 2 weeks (no exceptions) to do its thing re background checking re these requests. I was heartbroken and beside myself…. and was already thinking “they probably are just now realizing that hey – who is this gal – this isn’t the person we intended to invite – who send an invite to this fool anyway?” and other such useful trash.

…for about 24 hours. Henry Waxman (D-CA) got bless him – has a stellar crew. The next day after a lot of back and forth, I got a call from his Chief of Staff (!!!) following a lengthy and effusive apology from above mentioned aide. Ms. Chief managed to get this whole thing straightened out in less than 2 hours and by mid-day I was informed that I was goin’ on a WH tour (and at, by the way, a MUCH better hour than the original appointed time). So… stay tuned on THAT adventure.

Am pretty much ready. I have a bunch of reading I’m “required” to do beforehand. I feel so important and so …matterful… (it’s a word now).


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